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Senator Roth ignores 20 years of marijuana data and insists on 10 more

California went medical in 1996 Senator Roth, this is 2017. Your fuzzy math numbers and kicking the can a decade down the road does nothing for the Veterans that you claim to support. Veterans self report use of marijuana higher than an other demographic. Kicking marijuana reform down the road is kicking veterans while they are down. SHAME ON YOU SENATOR ROTH!

Here is a fact sheet full of decades of scientific data with emphasis on Veterans and Cannabis Issues: https://norml.org/marijuana/fact-sheets/item/veterans-and-cannabis

Later on in the article talking about medical marijuana he misleads us again about the bill not having support from the medical community. I have been an activist since 2009 and every session the same groups in the medical community that support are evident, not all sign on immediately. Senator Roth knows this and should look at the last 10 years of actual marijuana legislation, lobbying efforts and overall timeline, not just on in October 2017…… Just because Roger Roth says something in the news and the news does not even fact check anymore certainly does not make it true. LAME!

Senator Roger Roth Senate President Senate District 19 (R - Appleton)
Senator Roger Roth Senate President Senate District 19 (R – Appleton)

“I think the best thing we can do right now in the state is really glean from the other states that have already gone down that road and make sure we fully understand the impacts that this could have before Wisconsin takes that plunge,” said State Sen. Roger Roth (R-Appleton).

29 states have approved medical marijuana legislation.

Roth believes about a decade would be the appropriate period to wait and see what develops in those states.

“There must be a lot of apprehension in the medical community because not one organization in the medical community has lined up in support of this bill,” said Roth. “I think that ought to be very telling where we are in this state, where the medical community is when it comes to legalizing marijuana.”

Here is his office number in Madison, he deserves a phone call: Telephone: (608) 266-0718. His email is: Sen.Roth@legis.wisconsin.gov


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