Informational Flyer for Central US Hemp Growers Conference

Central US Hemp Growers Conference 2018

Support the movement that is happening in Madison Wisconsin February 26th & 27th 2018 at the Monona Terrace

Experts are coming in from all over the United States to teach you

⦁ Proper growing practices for grain, fiber & CBD

⦁ Ideal soil conditions

⦁ Modifying existing equipment

⦁ What genetics to grow to produce maximum yield

⦁ Productions costs VS net yield

⦁ Manufacturing for grain, fiber and CBD production

⦁ Different manufacturing methods & end product uses

⦁ FDA Requirements, labeling

⦁ Laws of CBD and Hemp derived cannabinoids

⦁ Science of CBD

⦁ State and Federal laws

Exhibitors: Bish Enterprises . Power Zone . CW Hemp . Wisconsin Department of AG . Hemp Logic Greenfield Global . Taproot Farms . Hempstead Project Heart . Minnesota Hemp Farms, Inc . Agricultural Hemp Solutions . Wisconsin Farm Bureau . NORML . Doug Fine Book Signing

Let’s keep the Midwest moving forward to create a new culture of Industrial Hemp Entrepreneurs. See you at the show!

For More information go to Call: 715-824-5666 E-Mail:

Flyer for Central US HEMP Growers Conference

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