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Senator Nass and Rep. August have selective hearing on marijuana reform

I call bullshit on these two. Should we do an open records request and just see who is contacting them about what?

Legalizing marijuana makes sense

Written by  Staff Writer

To the editor,
Recently state Sen. Steve Nass and state Rep. Tyler August met with me to discuss the legalization of medical marijuana here in Wisconsin.

Why did Colorado make $250 million last year on taxes from marijuana when Wisconsin pays to ruin people lives? It just doesn’t make sense.

They replied that no matter what the polls say (77 percent are in favor of medical, 61 percent are in favor of recreational), their constituents are not in favor of either. I think they’re wrong. Marijuana is here and it’s here to stay, so our government can control and regulate it, or we can continue to let organized crime do it.

A doctor prescribes the most addictive drug — the opiates — but legally not marijuana. Where’s the sense? The states that have legal recreational (laws) have fewer opiate deaths.

How about a state referendum to gauge our opinion? Please contact Senator Nass  (608-266-2635 or Sen.Nass@legis.wisconsin.gov) and Representative August (608-266-1190 or Rep.August@legis.wisconsin.gov) regularly and tell them it’s time to move on and legalize medical marijuana. Tell them a majority are for common sense. 

Lee Schubert

Medical Marijuana Hopes in 2017-18 crushed by Republicans, again
Medical Marijuana Hopes in 2017-18 crushed by Republicans, again

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