Rep. Amy Loudenbeck, R-Clinton open to medical marijuana?

This article had so many ups and downs, including Dems not supporting medical but only recreational. The 2018 marijuana referendums must have had everyone buzzing and tongue tied, we will confirm more as bills are introduced and sponsors/cosponsors emerge!

In the meantime, I archived the Republican statement:

Representative Amy Loudenbeck Assembly District 31 (R - Clinton)
Representative Amy Loudenbeck Assembly District 31 (R – Clinton)

State Rep. Amy Loudenbeck, R-Clinton, has typically shied away from supporting any kind of marijuana legalization, but she called Tuesday’s results “interesting.” It’s still “too soon” for her to shape her opinion on recreational marijuana, she said, but she seemed to indicate an openness to medical marijuana.

“If somebody is terminally ill … and prescribed marijuana, that is a very, very different argument than recreational use,” she said.

Recreational marijuana on the other hand?

“I’m open to having that conversation but still very skeptical,” she said.


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