Rep Krug and Snyder hint of Republican medical marijuana bill this session

WAUSAU, WI (WSAU) — The medical marijuana debate in Wisconsin seems to be taking a turn towards approval, as Republican lawmakers voiced their support for the drug on Thursday after Governor Tony Evers gave his approval earlier this week.

During a news conference introducing a proposed tax break for middle-class residents, Representatives Scott Krug of Nekoosa and Pat Snyder of Schofield both said they can see the benefits of the drug.

“It gives families a chance to have options of their own choosing without having to worry about government jumping into their health care all the time,” said Krug, who worked with Democrats to help write the state’s first CBD oil bills. “Freedom in health care really plays well into the argument for CBD oil and a medical marijuana system that’s regulated through medical practices.”

Snyder agreed that the research has proven there are benefits to using the drug for medicinal purposes. “I’ve talked with physicians and even local judges about this. They see when it comes to relieving pain and helping people that are struggling, I’m all for it.”

“We will see some Republican-sponsored bills this session on medical marijuana,” added Krug.

Neither representative endorsed the legalization of pot for recreational uses. “I would say that right now Wisconsin is not ready to go for recreational marijuana. I don’t think that’s something we are looking at,” said Krug.

Snyder said he doesn’t like the idea of adding legalized recreational marijuana to what for some families can be an already tough situation because of alcohol. “As troubling as that is, if we suddenly introduce marijuana, how will that affect our kids? So, when it comes to recreational at this time, I would not be in favor of it.”

Recreational marijuana was recently approved by voters in neighboring Michigan. During the November mid-term election several counties across the state approved non-binding referendum questions asking voters if they were in favor of the legalization of either recreational or medical marijuana, including in Marathon, Portage, and Lincoln counties. Wood County voters will have a say on both questions during the upcoming spring election.


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