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Republican Assembly Rep John Jagler swayed to YES on medical marijuana

Over the years we have processed tons of signature support pages to this office also so it was nice to hear him start publicly supporting medical marijuana!

Representative John Jagler Assembly District 37 (R - Watertown)
Representative John Jagler Assembly District 37 (R – Watertown)

Area resident Matt Silbernagel queried Jagler on the issues of marijuana legalization, Medicaid expansion and the 2010 gerrymandering. Silbernagel talked about how making marijauna legal could bring in tax revenue to the state to fix roads and reduce the prison population.

Jagler said he’d been “swayed” on the issue of medical marijuana, noting that 60 percent of people in his district were in favor of legalizing it for medical purposes.

That opened my eyes to it,” said Jagler.

On the other hand, while he said there is a case to be made for medical marijuana, Jagler does not support full legalization of it. He said he believes it is a gateway drug. Silbernagel took issue with that, explaining that there was no scientific research that backed up that notion.

I’m open to having discussions, but it’s not time yet on full legalization,” said Jagler, noting the issue was a non-starter in the Legislature.


Rep. Jagler will sit on the Assembly Committee of State Affairs for the 2019-2020 Session and it is highly likely medical marijuana bills will be sent there:

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