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Rep. Barbara Dittrich of District 38 2019 Marijuana Survey Question Results

Representative Barbara Dittrich Assembly District 38 (R - Oconomowoc)
Representative Barbara Dittrich Assembly District 38 (R – Oconomowoc)

Newly elected GOP Assembly Rep Barbara Dittrich from Oconomowoc stated in her campaign that she supported CBD but absolutely no THC in those products, it was on video. Her office had a 2019 GOP Spring Survey and here are the results of the marijuana question on the survey:

541 individuals responded to the specific question regarding marijuana legalization

o   284 individuals were in favor of marijuana legalization (in some form)

o   257 individuals were opposed entirely

The question was this:

Legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes has been proposed. Law enforcement, educators and the medical community oppose legalization. Which best describes your views on marijuana legalization?

 I do not support any legalization of marijuana use

I support limited medical legalization only

I support full decriminalization of marijuana for recreational or medical use

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