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Rep. Joan Ballweg (R-Markesan) 2019 Spring Survey Results

Joan Ballweg Republican from Markesan and Assembly District 41
Joan Ballweg Republican from Markesan and Assembly District 41

Ballweg, Joan (R – Markesan)
District 41

(608) 266-8077
(888) 534-0041Email:

I have been working on the issue for some time now, over 10 years. Rep. Ballweg has moved backwards on the issue. I first met her in 2009 and felt she at least in theory supported medical marijuana.

However, over the course of months of getting the cannabis conversation going in her district, she ultimately did nothing publicly to support the issue.

In 2010 I ran against her in the State Assembly Race for District 41. I ran as an Independent on the platform of marijuana reform. I did not win. I did not give up.

Importantly, Joan Ballweg, along with the Democratic challenger and myself participated in a forum and we all stated that we supported marijuana reform. Since then, she has done nothing to impress me on the issue. No matter what I do, even though many Republicans openly carry marijuana reform as a campaign platform, and even though many of her colleagues have sponsored or cosponsored marijuana reform legislation, she has not supported reform.

After the elections in the fall of 2018, I spent some time in Madison meeting with law makers. This spring, her office and many of her colleagues in the assembly had a 2019 Spring GOP Assembly Survey that had a question about marijuana. In July I recontacted Rep. Ballwegs office to get the results of the survey and am happy to report that “the survey says” 83% SUPPORT MEDICAL IN HER DISTRICT. I joke because the math never adds up to these people.

I know mistakes happen and it is probably the NO % reported incorrectly. I doubt it is 110% because she is working so hard supporting the issue. At this point I do not care because she does not care.

Half of the assembly that had surveys up, still have them up. It is now November and I tried again to work with her office, but she has the not moved to any stance I feel comfortable with. Use the form on the bottom to send a pre-written letter and get a pre-written response. I suggest giving them a call often. Operators are standing by.

This district has shown high support for marijuana reform yet Joan Ballweg takes no action, things do not add up.

Here was the question on on the spring budget survey:

Legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes has been proposed. Law enforcement, educators and the medical community oppose legalization. Which best describes your views on marijuana legalization?




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