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Republican Assembly Rep. Shannon Zimmerman District Marijuana Survey Results

Representative Shannon Zimmerman Assembly District 30 (R - River Falls)
Representative Shannon Zimmerman Assembly District 30 (R – River Falls)

Republican Assembly District 30 Rep. Shannon Zimmerman (R-River Falls) is not new to talking about marijuana reform this legislative session. He, fellow Republican Rob Stafsholt, R-New Richmond and Democratic Senator Patty Schachtner hashed out marijuana reform in their districts in February of 2019. After I read the article I basically saw two Republicans and one Democrat all support some sort of marijuana reform.

Of course we all know everything marijuana reform related in the budget was killed, gutted and left on the battle field, much like medical marijuana patients in Wisconsin.

But wait, what is this… a 2019 Spring Survey sponsored by the GOP Assembly Representatives. In the spring of 2019 after overwhelming support in the Wisconsin public marijuana referendums the previous fall, many of the Assembly GOP members held a spring survey which was posted online and sent in the email to people on their mailing list. The results of Assembly Representative Shannon Zimmerman (R-River Falls) spring survey are not surprising as 76.48% of his district supported medical marijuana. Wisconsin’s 30th Assembly District encompasses areas Hudson, River Falls, North Hudson, Roberts, Kinnikinnic, Richmond, St. Joseph, Troy and Warren .

Even though the question was poised in a slanted tone, medical marijuana still prevailed as more popular than elected officials. Here was the question poised to voters in his district by the GOP Assembly Spring Survey:

Legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes has been proposed. Law enforcement, educators and the medical community oppose legalization. Which best describes your views on marijuana legalization?

Spring Survey, there were 689 respondents to the marijuana question. Of those 689, they broke down into the following categories:

I support medical legalization only” was at 304.

I support full decriminalization of marijuana for recreational or medical use” was at 223.

I do not support any legalization of marijuana use” was at 162.

I would have thought someone who supported marijuana reform in past statements would use the survey to their advantage and either author, sponsor or co-sponsor legislation on some aspect of the issue. But instead, in June the only public statement I could find from Rep. Zimmerman on the issue was this statement in the news after a Town Hall recap:

Marijuana legislation will not pass this session, but legislators may be open to considering research on its medical use.

So now here we are nearing December and with months left in the session, it is time for Rep. Zimmerman to realize by saying he supports medical marijuana that means patients growing and smoking pot, simple as that. That is what the public thinks when they hear medical marijuana and that is what the expect in legislation.

Rep. Zimmerman may think legislation will not pass, but it is not dead by any means. At anytime an Assembly Representative can be added onto legislation as a co-sponsor. I urge the people of his district to contact Rep. Zimmerman at (608) 266-1526 or email at Rep.Zimmerman@legis.wisconsin.gov and ask him to co-sponsor the following pieces of legislation. If Rep. Zimmerman cannot co-sponsor this important legislation nor draft his own, his lip service on the issue does not help the marijuana movement, but does help him collect votes.

Or use the action links below to support these pieces of legislation and send a message to your law maker!

Adult Use Recreational / Medical Combo Bill SB 377 / AB 220

Medical Marijuana Only SB 507 / AB 570

Decriminalization of Marijuana SB 577

Firearm Owners/Patient Protection SB 237 / AB 236:

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