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Rep Gae Magnafici Assembly District 28 Marijuana Survey Results

Representative Gae Magnafici Assembly District 28 (R - Dresser)
Representative Gae Magnafici Assembly District 28 (R – Dresser)

Marijuana reform was a topic of interviews and campaigns in 2018. This Republican was not different. In an interview in October 2018, Gae Magnafici and Democrat Kim Bulter shared their views on marijuana as candidates. Gae is quoted as saying “Decriminalization of a small amount of marijuana is something that I would consider if elected to the State Assembly. I am committed to considering any bill that comes before me no matter who introduces or supports it. That is the job of a legislator.” and later added “There have been discussions recently about legalizing medical marijuana in Wisconsin. This is something that I am in favor of. I understand that cancer patients and people suffering from Parkinson’s disease can benefit greatly from using medical marijuana to control pain and manage symptoms. If medical marijuana leads to a better quality of life for seriously ill patients, then they should not be robbed of the possibility of some comfort without turning into a criminal.” 

In the spring of 2019 after overwhelming support in the Wisconsin public marijuana referendums the previous fall, many of the Assembly GOP members held a spring survey which was posted online and sent in the email to people on their mailing list. The results of Assembly Representative Gae Magnafici (R-Dresser) spring survey are not surprising as 69% of this district supported medical marijuana. Wisconsin’s 28th Assembly District encompasses Polk and Burnett County areas including Siren, Frederic, Luck, Centuria, St. Croix Falls, Dresser, Osceola, Balsam Lake, Grantsburg and Amery areas bordering Minnesota.

Legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes has been proposed. Law enforcement, educators and the medical community oppose legalization. Which best describes your views on marijuana legalization?

43.10% I Support Limited Medical Legalization Only
26.52% I support full decriminalization of marijuana for recreational or medical use
26.52 I do not support any legalization of marijuana use

Rep. Magnafici has sponsored a piece of legislation that is a type of marijuana reform. She is part of a group of Republicans that drafted Assembly Bill 236 / Senate Bill 237 Regarding firearms and confidentiality of medical marijuana patients. Although this is a positive sign, we urge constituents in her district to contact her directly at (608) 267-2365 and ask her to co-sponsor Assembly Bill 570 (Medical Marijuana). The Decriminalization bill is still in co-sponsorship phase and their is time for her to sign on as a original sponsor. Call her today!

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