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Rep. Mary Felzkowski Dec 2019 Tomahawk, Merrill and Antigo Meetings

I find elected officials hold office hours and listening sessions often. I have also found that if you schedule an appointment to meet with them in district they will try to meet with you. If you plan to go to Madison and schedule an appointment at the State Capitol you will surely get to meet with them. If you do not want to go on an appointment alone, we will accompany you, just ask. If you need information to provide them on your appointment, again, just ask.

I find that elected officials notify people of these in district listening sessions, town halls or office hours in a variety of ways. Some send out emails, some post on facebook, some send out press releases. Usually they do not notify us or anyone in advance and sometimes they do not have give 24 hour notice to these meetings. It is important for you in the field to keep an eye on these events, notify us and attend them yourself. Keep the cannabis conversation going!

Representative Mary Felzkowski Assistant Majority Leader Assembly District 35
Representative Mary Felzkowski Assistant Majority Leader Assembly District 35

Currently we have four (4) active bills/legislation pending in the 2019-2020 cycle. Assembly Rep. Felzkowski, Republican from Irma has introduced AB 236 protecting firearms owners/medical marijuana patients protection. The other three bills she is not listed as a current co-sponsor. While in Madison during the winter of 2018 I had a chance to met with Rep. Felzkowski to discuss the importance of home growing, smoking products and offer my insight on the issue and felt she had a firm grasp on the subject matter. In fact, it was one of the best Republican meetings I had in a long time! Additionally, past reports have indicated she supports marijuana reform and has been dealt the hard task of drafting a bill that will pass the Republican controlled Senate and Assembly.

Thanks for reading and if you are constituent of the Rep. Felzkowski in the 35th Assembly District and want to get active, please do not hesitate to contact me or the chapter.

Rep. Felzkowski next office hours are Thursday December 12 in Tomahawk and Merrill, follow by Friday December 13 in Antigo.

For a copy of active legislation information and bullet points to bring to your meeting, click HERE. You may print this and provide it the Mary Felzkowski at your meeting. Thank you!

Felzkowski December 2019 Office Hours
Felzkowski December 2019 Office Hours

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