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Rep. Samantha Kerkman Spring Marijuana Survey Results

Representative Samantha Kerkman Majority Caucus Sergeant At Arms Assembly District 61 (R - Salem)
Representative Samantha Kerkman Majority Caucus Sergeant At Arms Assembly District 61 (R – Salem)

Representative Samantha Kerkman, Majority Caucus Sergeant At Arms Assembly District 61 – (R – Salem) Telephone: (608) 266-2530 (888) 529-0061

Email: Rep.Kerkman@legis.wisconsin.gov

We are reporting on behalf of a Field Activist for NORML down in this district. Steffany has been working on reform with Southeastern Wisconsin NORML and has spent time in Madison. She brought to our attention that Rep. Kerkman also had a 2019 Spring Survey with a marijuana question presented to voters in the district. Stef contacted the office of Rep. Kerkmam to obtain the results and report them to us here:

44% limited medical, 30% full legal and 23% do not support with 2% black or did not answer.

2019 Spring Survey Results for Rep. Samantha Kerkman

Additionally, Steffany would like to report that Rep. Kerkman expressed concerns about smoking marijuana and the health effects on lungs. This is something we have heard from other Republican lawmakers. Some Republican lawmakers cited concerns for smoked marijuana in the homes of medical patients as a concern to others living in the dwelling, including children. Some of this language and mentality, along with the claim for lack of evidence will continue to lead Republicans down a path of non-smoking forms of “medical marijuana” and the “need for more research”.

It is clear to us, the medical community and the general population that smoking marijuana is safer than smoking tobacco, but yet law makers have continue to cut funding for anti-tobacco campaigns in the last decades.

Anyways, back to Rep. Kerkman and her district. We would recommend to keep her concerns in mind about the health of lungs of marijuana smokers when you contact her. I remember one time when lobbying in Madison with a bunch of chronic pot heads, we all did wellness type checks at a local health awareness both….long story short, all of our lung capacity and functions were off the charts good and high! Must have been all the deep breathing and holding hits that did it they said….. all joking aside…..if smoking marijuana caused lung cancer, the evidence would be there and it would be an epidemic….just like if marijuana was a gateway drug, the evidence would point to that and we would be in a world of hurt. Fortunately, growing and smoking cannabis is the essence of medical marijuana, unfortunately we need to educate law makers to this.

Back in 2016-2017 when “CBD” was the hot topic in Wisconsin, Rep. Kerkman made some news with these statements when switched her stance to a supporter.

Rep. Samantha Kerkman, R-Salem, said the stories and information shared over the years have changed her heart and mind on the issue.

I suggest we share stories and information with her office with an emphasis of them coming directly from her district. After all, as noted above, 74% of people in the district support marijuana reform.

Her district includes the areas of Twin Lakes, Bristol, Salem, Paddock Lake, Silver Lake, Wilmot, Trevor and some areas west of Kenosha.

Active bills that Rep. Kerkman has not co-sponsored:

Thanks for reading and if you are constituent of the Rep. Kerkman in the 61st Assembly District and want to get active, please do not hesitate to contact me or the any Wisconsin NORML chapter directly.

SB 377 / AB 220 is stuck in committee and we are asking for your help:

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