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Republican legislation has been pre-filed for the 2020 legislative session

Republican legislation authored by Representatives Mary Felzkowski, Pat Snyder, Michael Schraa, Shae Sortwell and Senator Kathy Bernier has been pre-filed for the 2020 legislative session to allow qualifying patients to access medical marijuana in Wisconsin!

Send a message to your lawmakers in support of a medical marijuana access program

Creation of a Medical Marijuana Program
Creation of a Medical Marijuana Program

LRB 5095-1 creates a medical marijuana program that tightly regulates the cultivation, processing, testing, and dispensing of medical marijuana to ensure patients have legal, safe, and reliable access to a consistent product without breaking the law to obtain it.

Illness does not discriminate; it finds people from all walks of life. Mothers, sons, veterans, co-workers, friends. There is no doubt that each and every one of us knows someone that has suffered through an illness and struggled to find a way to make it through each day.

While there are often medications that doctors can prescribe to help combat these illnesses, many come with side effects that can make living a normal life a lot more difficult. In some cases, the only option for pain relief can be to take opioids on a long term basis, which can lead to a whole host of other challenges our state is already trying to tackle.

It is time for Wisconsin to join the majority of the country in adding one more option to help patients find the relief they need. Tell your lawmakers that the time is NOW to enact a compassionate medical marijuana law.

Many Wisconsinites have already expressed their interest in our state having this conversation. In the 2018 midterm election, 16 counties and 2 cities, representing 52% of the state’s population, voted on medical or recreational cannabis referendums, and all of them passed with overwhelming support. It is clear that we as a state need to begin having a real discussion about medical marijuana legalization, and it is our hope that this bill will be the first step.

The deadline for lawmakers to cosponsor the bill is January 3rd, 2020, so we have to move quickly!

Take 20 seconds now and urge your lawmakers to cosponsor this important legislation

Thanks for all you do, and happy holidays,
Northern Wisconsin NORML

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