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Senator Marklein and Rep Kurtz do not understand marijuana reform

In a series of listening sessions hosted by Senator Marklein, we called for supporters to join him…and they did! In a 2014 candidate interview Senator Marklein indicated support for medical marijuana by saying “with valid evidence that it works and appropriate controls would entertain medical marijuana as long as it is not a stepping stone to recreational. Marklein must not have been entertained enough because he did not even co-sponsor the Republican bill to create a medical marijuana program for Wisconsin.  Senate Bill 683 does not allow home growing of marijuana or marijuana smoking products.  Vetted and supported by the Caucus, if Senator Marklein was a leader he would have supported this measure.  If Senator Marklein cared about the sick, dying and disabled of his district that benefit from medical marijuana, he would have done more then give the statements he did below in a recent news article. Senator Marklein still has listening sessions scheduled January 17th through 24th throughout the district, but I guess unless you are PD or MD; or can bring law enforcement or a doctor with you, Senator Marklein does not want to listen to you, and does not want your vote.

I find it disheartening that Senator Marklein commented about Wisconsin residents using marijuana in Illinois and failing employment drug tests, but failed to mention Senate Bill 702 “THC Testing Reform Bill” that would help fix the issue. Either mis-educated or uneducated, either way, our path is clear…educate him or the voting public! Next listening sessions we need to address why he did not support the Republican Medical Marijuana Bill, his stance on the Jury Nullification bill, decriminalization and also the THC Testing Reform bill he failed to even know about………..

Here is the news article blurb about “drugs” and the headline also:

Marklein and Kurtz address drugs, water, EMS at New Lisbon listening session

Juneau County residents gathered at a listening session Feb. 7 to share concerns about drugs, EMS reimbursement, and water quality.

Senator Howard L. Marklein President Pro Tempore Senate District 17 (R - Spring Green)
Senator Howard L. Marklein President Pro Tempore Senate District 17 (R – Spring Green)

Republican State Senator Howard Marklein and Republican State Representative Tony Kurtz spoke for about an hour on various issues facing constituents of their districts at the New Lisbon City Hall, the first of a series of planned listening sessions throughout February.

Numerous constituents expressed concerns over drugs, including the current opioid epidemic and the potential legalization of either medical or recreational marijuana.

“The thing with the drugs, unfortunately, is our nation has an incredible appetite, and unfortunately, it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, it affects every community, whether rural or urban,” Kurtz said.

Both Marklein and Kurtz touted bills passed in the last five years as steps in the right direction to combat drug abuse, but also said more work is needed.

“There’s a lot of things that have been passed, but like a lot of problems it isn’t going to be one bill or one thing, it’s going to be a whole sequence of solutions,” Marklein said.

Marklein voiced support for treatment programs, including in correctional facilities.

“Treatment is always the cheapest alternative, but there’s got to be consequences, because until you’re ready and willing to accept treatment, you’ve got to have that carrot and stick at the same time,” Marklein said.

With Illinois and Michigan now allowing the purchase of marijuana for recreational use, some citizens expressed their fear of Wisconsin following next. Marklein stated he is “at this point opposed” to legalizing marijuana, preferring to take a wait and see approach while observing how the changes effect Illinois.

“I’m going to listen to two groups primarily: law enforcement, because they’re the ones that are going to be impacted, and the medical community,” Marklein said. “There’s no rush to do anything.”

Marklein, whose district stretches to the Illinois border, said an area he is “very, very concerned” with is employees in Wisconsin using marijuana legally in Illinois and then failing work drug tests.

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