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Wisconsin hemp day Oct 18th, 2020

With a gubernatorial proclamation declaring October 18 as “Wisconsin Hemp Day”, Governor Evers again shows his support for the hemp cannabis plant. His continued support of the Wisconsin Industrial Hemp Program and cannabis reform is greatly appreciated from those in the fields and offices working on the issue.

Wisconsin Hemp Day October 18th, 2020
Wisconsin Hemp Day October 18th, 2020

Governor Evers platform is still to support decriminalizing marijuana, establish a medical marijuana program for Wisconsin and he has assured the public he would sign those measures into law should they hit his desk.

Although he included decriminalization and medical marijuana items in his budget, the Republican controlled legislature stripped all marijuana reform from the budget. Not only did Republicans remove marijuana reform from the budget, they also withheld any of the marijuana reform related bills from advancing even to a public hearing, essentially killing the bills on arrivial.

We are very happy that the Industrial Hemp bills overcame past prejudices and Republican obstacles to become law just a few short years ago. The support for Industrial Hemp continues to grow as the program evolves, but need for reform is still present and in the faces of our elected officials to discuss and take action.

We helped celebrate and promote Wisconsin Hemp Day at our annual From the Land Festival held on the Heritage Hemp Farm in Green Lake. Our farmstead is rooted deep in hemp history and we continue on the legacy using our Wisconsin landrace strain to produce a wide variety of hemp and CBD products.

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