Democrat Cannabis Candidates
Democrat Cannabis Candidates

Update November 4th, 2020 Election Winners are in green!!

Kim Jensen (D – WI) Assembly District (AD) 1

Emily Voight (D – WI) AD 3

Kathy Hinkfuss (D – WI) AD 4

Richard Sarnwick (D – WI) AD 6

Sylvia Ortiz-Velez (D – WI) AD 8

David Bowen (D – WI) AD 10 – Incumbent

Dora Drake (D – WI) AD 11

Sara Rodriguez (D – WI) AD 13

Jessica Katzenmeyer (D – WI) AD 15

Supreme Moore-Omokunde (D – WI) AD 17

Jonathan Brostoff (D – WI) AD 19 – Incumbent

Christine Sinicki (D – WI) AD 20 – Incumbent

Deb Andraca (D – WI) AD 23

Emily Siegrist (D – WI) AD 24

Mary Donohue (D – WI) AD 26

Kim Butler (D – WI) AD 28

John Calabrese (D – WI) AD 29

Sarah Yacoub (D – WI) AD 30

Katherine Gaulke (D – WI) AD 32

Mason Becker (D – WI) AD 33

Kirk Bangstad (D – WI) AD 34

Tyler Ruprecht (D – WI) AD 35

Abigail Lowery (D – WI) AD 37

Melissa Winker (D – WI) AD 38

Izzy Nevarez (D – WI) AD 39

Deb Silvers (D – WI) AD 40

Nate Zimdars (D – WI) AD 41

Melisa Arndt (D – WI) AD 42

Sue Conley (D – WI) AD 44

Mark Spreitzer (D – WI) AD 45 – Incumbent

Gary Hebl (D – WI) AD 46 – Incumbent

Jimmy Anderson (D – WI) AD 47 – Incumbent

Samba Baldeh (D – WI) AD 48

Shaun Murphy-Lopez (D – WI) AD 49

Mark Waldon (D – WI) AD 50

Kriss Marion (D – WI) AD 51

Julie Schroeder (D – WI) AD 52

Dan Schierl (D – WI) AD 55

Diana Lawrence (D – WI) AD 56

Lee Snodgrass (D – WI) AD 57

August Schutz (D – WI) AD 62

Joel Jacobsen (D – WI) AD 63

Tod Ohnstad (D – WI) AD 65 – Incumbent

Chris Kapsner (D – WI) AD 67

Emily Berge (D – WI) AD 68

Brian Giles (D – WI) AD 69

John Baldus (D – WI) AD 70

Katrina Shankland (D – WI) – Incumbent

Criste Greening (D – WI) AD 72

Francesca Hong (D – WI) AD 76

Shelia Stubbs (D – WI) AD 77 – Incumbent

Sondy Pope (D – WI) AD 80 – Incumbent

Jacob Malinowski (D – WI) AD 82

Alan DeYoung (D – WI) AD 83

Jeff Johnson (D – WI) AD 85

Kristina Lyerly (D – WI) AD 88

Karl Jaeger (D – WI) AD 89

Kristina Shelton (D – WI) AD 90

Jodi Emerson (D – WI) AD 91 – Incumbent

Charlene Warner (D – WI) AD 93

Josefine Jaynes (D – WI) AD 96

Aaron Perry (D – WI) AD 97

Source: 2020 National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) Smoke the Vote Project and Election Information on Northern Wisconsin NORML website.

With all Ninety-nine (99) Assembly seats up for election, Democrats have 86 candidates on the ballot. The 10 Incumbent candidates supporting legalization is a great number, which means a legalization bill will see the light of day in the 2021-22 session. With sixty-two (62) candidates in the Democratic party running on or supporting ending prohibition and allowing the adult use of cannabis in Wisconsin, it is a sure sign that the caucus should take the issue with high priority!

Of course due to gerrymandering it is highly unlikely that all these candidates will take the seat and they admit it in their campaigns, but that did not stop them from running.

We examined the Republican Assembly candidates also which had a slightly lower yield with only one (1) Incumbent and sixteen (16) other Republican candidates calling for the end of the war on marijuana in Wisconsin, as it is just a plant!

No matter the results of the upcoming election, marijuana reform is going to be an ongoing issue in Wisconsin for years to come. To address the comprehensive nature of marijuana laws, we need legislators who sponsored the various bills throughout the 2019-20 session to work together towards sensible cannabis reform. Please sign and share the petition below help accomplish our collective goals.

Democratic State Assembly Candidates by Jay Selthofner

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