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2021-22 Wisconsin Assembly Representatives – Members Occupations

Last updated 4-9-2021

Assembly District # – Name – Occupation – Stance on Marijuana

A=Adult Use M=Medical D=Decriminalization

1 Joel Kitchens (R – WI): Large animal veterinarian. M/D

2 Shae Sortwell (R – WI): Former U.S. Army Sergeant, U.S. Army Reserve Chemical Corps, 2009–2018. A/M/D

3 Ron Tusler (R – WI): Small business owner, law practice. Attorney. Former student attorney, Winnebago County District Attorney’s Office. Former student teacher, Milwaukee Public Schools. M

4 David Steffen (R – WI) Full-time Legislator. M

5 Jim Steineke (R – WI): Realtor, salesman. (Opposed)

6 Gary Tauchen (R – WI): Dairy Farmer (moved from Opposed to limited medical on 4-9-2021, he is retiring also and told us he would support the Republican reform)

7 Daniel Riemer (D – WI): Full-time legislator. (Uncommitted / Never Co-sponsored)

8 Sylvia Ortiz-Velez (D – WI) Degree in political science from the UW-Milwaukee and has been a Wisconsin-licensed real estate broker for over 15 years. A/M/D

9 Marisabel Cabrera (D – WI): Small business owner; immigration attorney. (Uncommitted / Never Co-sponsored)

10 David Bowen (D – WI): Full-time Legislator. A/M/D

11 Dora Drake (D – WI) Pretrial Case Manager at JusticePoint, Marquette University-Bachelor’s in Social Welfare and Justice.  A/M/D

12 LaKeshia Myers (D – WI): Educator; small business owner. Former subcommittee clerk, U.S. House of Representatives; former legislative aide, Wisconsin State Senate. (Uncommitted / Never Co-sponsored)

13 Sara Rodriguez (D – WI) A/M/D

14 Robyn Vining (D – WI): Current small business owner and photographer. Former pastor; church planter; youth minister. (Uncommitted / Never Co-sponsored)

15 Joe Sanfelippo (R – WI): Small businessman; currently operates a small Christmas tree farm. Owned and operated a landscaping business for 20 years. (Opposed)

16 Kalan Haywood (D – WI): Full-time legislator. Former nonprofit consultant. (Supports A/M/D but Never Co-sponsored)

17 Supreme Moore Omokunde (D – WI) Full-time Legisaltor, Milwaukee County Board of Supervisor. A/M/D

18 Evan Goyke (D – WI): Attorney. Former state public defender. M/D

19 Jonathan Brostoff (D – WI) Full-time legislator. Former district director for Senator Larson; backup shift supervisor, Pathfinders; program director, SDC Family Support Center; public ally, Americorps; volunteer, Street Beat, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Casa Maria. A/M/D

20 Christine Sinicki (D – WI) Former small business manager. A/M/D

21 Jessie Rodriguez (R – WI) Full-time legislator. Former analyst for a supermarket company; outreach coordinator for a non-profit. (Medical)

22 Janel Brandtjen (R – WI) Business owner. (Unconfirmed)

23 Deb Andraca (D – WI) Wife, a mother, a teacher, and an active community volunteer. I’ve worked for large international companies, political campaigns, trade associations and non-profit organizations A/M/D

24 Dan Knodl (R – WI) Bar/Resort owner. (Opposed)

25 Paul Tittl (R – WI) Owner, vacuum and sewing center. M/D

26 Terry Katsma (R – WI) Full-time legislator. Former community bank president and CEO. (Unconfirmed)

27 Tyler Vorpagel (R – WI) Full-time legislator. Former district director, Congressman Tom Petri. (Unconfirmed)

28 Gae Magnafici (R – WI) Small business owner. Former mental health technician; registered nurse. M/D

29 Clint Moses (R – WI) Chiropractor. A/M/D

30 Shannon Zimmerman (R – WI) Founder and CEO, language translation company. Small business owner. Coached youth football for 7 years. (Medical)

31 Amy Loudenbeck (R – WI) Former chamber of commerce executive, compliance manager, environmental/engineering services project manager. M(Limited Medical)

32 Tyler August (R – WI) Full-time legislator. Former chief of staff to Representative Thomas Lothian. (Opposed)

33 Cody Horlacher (R – WI) Attorney. Partner of Horlacher–Necci Law Firm. Former special prosecutor, Walworth County; former assistant district attorney, Walworth County. (Unconfirmed)

34 Rob Swearingen (R – WI) Bar/Restaurant owner/operator. (Opposed)

35 Calvin Callahan (R – WI) Full-time legislator, small business owner with family. (Opposedu)

36 Jeffrey Mursau (R – WI) Small business owner; electrical contractor. (Opposed but might swing to limited medical)

37 Vacant – special election date to be announced Former seat of John Jagler (R) (Medical)

38 Barbara Dittrich (R – WI) Non-profit leader (16 years). Former financial advisor (13 years); small business owner. (Oppose)

39 Mark Born (R – WI) Former corrections supervisor, Dodge County Sheriff’s Department. (Limited Medical)

40 Kevin Petersen (R – WI) Co-owner of family-run electronics corporation. Served in US Navy sub service, 1983–94; Persian Gulf War veteran; US Naval Reserve member, 1994–2008. (Opposed)

41 Alex Dallman (R – WI) Full-time legislator. (Decriminalization)

42 Jon Plumer (R – WI) Small business owner, Plumer Karate America. Former route salesman for Kraft Foods for 30 years. (Limited Medical)

43 Don Vruwink (D – WI) substitute teacher; softball and baseball umpire. Retired teacher, Milton School District. M/D

44 Sue Conley (D – WI) Nonprofit sector; consultant helping with strategic planning and strengthening board governance. A/M/D

45 Mark Spreitzer (D – WI) Former assistant director of alumni and parent relations and annual support, Beloit College. A/M/D

46 Gary Hebl (D – WI) Attorney and owner of a title insurance company. Sacred Hearts eighth grade basketball coach, 1980–99. A/M/D

47 Jimmy Anderson (D – WI) Nonprofit director. A/M/D

48 Samba Baldeh (D – WI) IT Project Manager at American Family Insurance. A/M/D

49 Travis Tranel (R – WI) Dairy farmer, small business owner. (Unconfirmed)

50 Tony Kurtz (R – WI) Organic grain farmer. Former U.S. Army attack helicopter pilot 1985–2005, retired from active duty as a Chief Warrant Officer Four (CW4); Persian Gulf War veteran; Iraq War veteran. (Medical Maybe)

51 Todd Novak (R – WI) Former government/associate newspaper editor, 1990–2014. (Medical)

52 Jeremy Thiesfeldt (R – WI) Former teacher. (Opposed)

53 Michael Schraa (R – WI) Restaurant owner. Former stock broker/investment advisor. M/D

54 Gordon Hintz (D – WI) Municipal consultant. Former legislative staff assistant, U.S. Representative Jay Johnson, U.S. Senator Herb Kohl; former management and budget analyst, City of Long Beach, California; former instructor, Political Science Department, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. A/M/D

55 Rachael Cabral-Guevara (R – WI) Board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner and a licensed Advanced Practice Nurse Prescriber since 2008. (A/M/D)

56 Dave Murphy (R – WI) Former owner, fitness center and agribusiness; real estate broker. (Medical)

57 Lee Snodgrass (D – WI) marketing communications/consultant; communications director for Girl Scouts of the Northwestern Great Lakes. A/M/D

58 Rick Gundrum (R – WI) Business owner in broadcast media. (Opposed)

59 Timothy Ramthun (R – WI) Former executive business management consultant; vice president and directorship roles for multiple Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies that specialized in manufacturing, technology, finance, education, supply-chain service, and delivery and call center operations. (Opposed)

60 Rob Brooks (R – WI) Real estate broker since 1990, restaurant/tavern owner. (Moved from unknown/uncommitted to Decriminalization and Limited Medical in April 2021)

61 Samantha Kerkman (R – WI) Full time Legislator. (Opposed)

62 Robert Wittke (R – WI) Tax professional for 25 years, specializing in corporate taxation. (Unknown)

63 Robin Vos (R – WI) Owner of several small businesses. Rental Property Owner. Former congressional district director; former legislative assistant. (Opposed)

64 Tip McGuire (D – WI) Attorney. Former legislative aide to Representative Peter Barca; Kenosha County special prosecutor; Milwaukee County assistant district attorney. (Uncommitted / Did not Co-sponsor)

65 Tod Ohnstad (D – WI) Former member: UAW Local 72 (chair of trustees, shop committeeman, bargaining committee, executive board). A/M/D

66 Greta Neubauer (D – WI) Former legislative aide to State Representative Cory Mason; Fossil Fuel Divestment Student Network (director and cofounder); Divest Middlebury (cofounder and organizer); 350.org (fellow). M/D

67 Rob Summerfield (R – WI) Small business owner; Supper club manager. (Limited Medical)

68 Jesse James (R – WI) Small business owner. Served in the U.S. Army Air Defense, 1990&mdash93; U.S. Army Reserves (Medic), 1993–96; Persian Gulf War veteran; Former warehouse specialist; police officer; SWAT team member; firefighter. (Limited Medical)

69 Donna Rozar (R – WI) works on the cardiac medical/surgical unit at Marshfield Medical Center and is on the faculty at the UWEC College of Nursing and Health Sciences – Marshfield site. (Limited Medical)

70 Nancy VanderMeer (R – WI) Former automobile dealer; small business owner; family dairy farmer. (Unkown)

71 Katrina Shankland (D – WI) Former nonprofit professional. A/M/D

72 Scott Krug (R – WI) Employment and training specialist. Former Wood County drug court coordinator, jail discharge planner; Juneau County sheriff’s deputy. (Limited Medical)

73 Nick Milroy (D – WI)  Former fisheries biologist;. Served in U.S. Navy, 1992–94, U.S. Naval Reserve, 1994–2000; deployed to Persian Gulf during Operation Southern Watch. M/D

74 Beth Meyers (D – WI) Full-time legislator. Former executive director, CORE Community Resources; Former board member Apostle Islands Area Community Fund. (Uncommitted – Has not co-sponsored bills)

75 David Armstrong (R – WI) Executive Director of the Barron County Economic Development Corporation. (Maybe on limited medical)

76 Francesca Hong (D – WI) Mother, community organizer, and service industry worker. A/M/D

77 Shelia Stubbs (D – WI) Former special education teacher; adjunct professor; probation and parole agent; match support specialist. A/M/D

78 Lisa Subeck (D – WI) Former early childhood education/Head Start program manager; technical college instructor; nonprofit executive director. A/M/D

79 Dianne Hesselbein (D – WI) Full-time legislator. M/D

80 Sondy Pope (D – WI) Former Associate Director of the Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools. A/M/D

81 Dave Considine (D – WI) Former dairy goat farmer, special education teacher. M/D

82 Ken Skowronski (R – WI) General contractor; radio host, monthly talk show; 4-H construction skills instructor; seminar speaker, Wisconsin Burglar and Fire Alarm Association and WPR. Wisconsin Air National Guard, 1956—62. (Opposed)

83 Chuck Wichgers (R – WI) Medical sales offering conservative options for pain management. Education curriculum watchdog. Former occupations in sales and marketing, and in entrepreneurship and management. (Opposed)

84 Mike Kuglitsch (R – WI) Business consultant. Former member: Wisconsin Restaurant Association (president); Bowling Centers Association of Wisconsin (president). (Unknown)

85 Patrick Snyder (R – WI) Former congressional staffer for Congressman Sean Duffy; radio host for WSAU. (Limited Medical)

86 John Spiros (R – WI) Vice president, safety and claims management for a transportation company in Marshfield, Wisconsin. Served in U.S. Air Force, 1979–85, SAC “Elite” guard. (Opposed)

87 James Edming (R – WI) Convenience store owner, metal stamping company owner, farmer. Former frozen pizza manufacturer. (Medical)

88 John Macco (R – WI) Founder of regional financial planning group; Founder of regional retail franchise; Business consultant. (Medical)

89 Elijah Behnke (R – WI) Small Business Owner (Opposed)

90 Kristina Shelton (D – WI) Former health and physical education teacher, non-profit leader, A/M/D

91 Jodi Emerson (D – WI) Former anti-human trafficking advocate. A/M/D

92 Treig Pronschinske (R – WI) Small business owner; general construction contractor. (Unknown)

93 Warren Petryk (R – WI) Worked 15 years in community relations for United Cerebral Palsy of West Central Wisconsin; cofounder of musical entertainment group “The Memories” (started 1972). (Unknown)

94 Steve Doyle (D – WI) Attorney. Former instructor, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. (Medical Maybe)

95 Jill Billings (D – WI) Former teacher of English and Citizenship to Hmong adults. (Decriminalize)

96 Loren Oldenburg (R – WI) Dairy farmer. (Opposed)

97 Scott Allen (R – WI) Sales and leadership speaker, trainer, and coach. Co-owner of a printing and promotional products business. Former Realtor sales director, home builder, and risk management analyst. Served in U.S. Army Reserve, 1984–90. (Opposed but leans maybe on limited medical)

98 Adam Neylon (R – WI) Small business owner. Former legislative staffer for U.S. Representative Jim Sensenbrenner (maybe on limited medical)

99 Cindi Duchow (R – WI) Former manager and fashion specialist for national retailers. (maybe on limited medical)

Not sure which of the above represent you? Here is the link to find out who: https://maps.legis.wisconsin.gov/

Wisconsin State Assembly Marijuana Reform Support by Jay Selthofner

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  1. Assembly Reps that have announced they are not seeking re-election will be archived here in the comments to help keep track:

    SALEM LAKES — Republican Samantha Kerkman, a lifelong resident of western Kenosha County who has served as a state representative in the Wisconsin Assembly for 21 years, announced she will seek election to the Kenosha County executive post.

  2. Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt announced in a news release that he won’t run in 2022. He didn’t offer any specific reason beyond saying that serving in an elected office shouldn’t be a long-term appointment and he has wanted to return to teaching when the time was right.

    This guy hated cannabis so bad, it even made its way into his Wikipedia information:
    Thiesfeldt opposes the legalization of marijuana and in 2013, he and a fellow Fond du Lac Republican lawmaker, state Senator Rick Gudex, introduced a bill that would authorize county and municipal governments to prosecute marijuana possession cases that are dropped by prosecutors. Thiesfeldt and Gudex introduced the legislation after some Wisconsin district attorneys’ offices adopted a policy of not pursuing criminal prosecutions for simple possession of small amounts of marijuana.

    Assembly 52 is up for grabs!

    1. The Lt. Gov primary race looks to make two vacancies already in Assembly District 10 and 13 for sure as Rep. David Bowen (D-Milwaukee) and Rep. Sara Rodriguez, (D-Brookfield) have indicated they are giving up their seats to run for Lt. Gov

  3. As Assembly District 31 opens up, can we get a friendly candidate elected?

    Rep. Amy Loudenbeck, R-Clinton gives up the seat and has launched her campaign for secretary of state.

    1. Assembly District 79 Dianne Hesselbein from Madison is going to give up her seat and leadership position in the Assembly as she announced she will seek the Senate seat being vacated by Senator Jon Erpenbach. Note: this 2021 bill was the first time Erpenbach and Hesselbein signed onto legal adult use cannabis.

    2. Assembly District 5 held by prohibitionist Jim Steineke (Republican – Kaukauna): he was a Realtor, salesman, had some issues with alcohol before elected. He lied to many medical marijuana patients in his district giving them false hope. GOOD BYE Jim Steineke! Your 10 year run has down enough damage. He announced he is not seeking re-election.

  4. Democrat Beth Meyers from Bayfield did not sponsor any legislation on marijuana reform since elected in 2014. She was on the Democratic Leadership team. She announced she is not seeking re-election to the 74th district.

    1. 84 Mike Kuglitsch (R – WI) Business consultant. Former member: Wisconsin Restaurant Association (president); Bowling Centers Association of Wisconsin (president).

      Elected since 2010 he was super quiet about cannabis reform, never indicating his true feelings to the news or main stream media. In 2020 he did not even face a Democrat challenger…. his potential primary in the GOP did not qualify for the ballot.

      Rep. Mike Kuglitsch of New Berlin didn’t offer an explanation beyond saying the time has come for him to move on. Kuglitsch has represented the 84th Assembly District since 2011. The district includes eastern Waukesha County and part of western Milwaukee County. The seat has trended solidly Republican for the last two decades

    1. Assembly District 33 Cody Horlacher (R – WI) Attorney. Partner of Horlacher–Necci Law Firm. Former special prosecutor, Walworth County; former assistant district attorney, Walworth County. Horlacher, said he plans to run for Waukesha County Judge Maria Lazar’s open seat.

      Horlacher was an co author of the bill to increase penalties for butane hash oil. Governor Everz went o to veto that bill after all Republicans voted yes to increase the penalties for BHO (butane hash oil.)

  5. Asseembly District 15 is up for grabs as prohibitionist Joe Sanfelippo from New Berlin (R – WI) says he is not going to seek re election in 2022. He offered no reason why to the news:. He is a small businessman; currently operates a sall Christmas tree farm. Owned and operated a landscaping business for 20 years.

    This is the last session he will kill medical marijuana bills in the Assembly as the chair is the Health committee, he hope he is out of politics forever!

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