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11 Years Since a Public Hearing Held in Wisconsin on Medical Cannabis

Back in Nov. 2008 the Democrats gained control of both houses of the state legislature with incumbent Gov. Jim Doyle already holding down the executive branch, a nice stage was set to address marijuana reform.

Democrats held the majority and chaired both health committees addressing the medical bill. The Assembly Committee on Public Health was chaired by retired neurologist Rep. Chuck Benedict (D-Beloit) and the Senate Committee on Health, Health Insurance, Privacy, Property Tax Relief, and Revenue, chaired by Senator Jon Erpenbach (D-Middleton), the Senate sponsor of the medical cannabis legislation.

The date of the hearing was Dec. 15, 2009, and that was that last time the Wisconsin legislative body held a public hearing on medical marijuana reform. It was labeled a “Joint Public Hearing” as both the Senate and Assembly held a combined public hearing on the issue. That bill did not pass out of committee and well…. in 2010 the Republicans took over and the issue has not been brought up again in a public hearing.

Medical Marijuana Hopes in 2017-18 crushed by Republicans, again
Republicans are just saying no.

If you want to start making phone calls, start with Republicans.

If you just want to sign and share a petition, use this one below:

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