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Robin Vos still offering lip service and the media lets him lie

Robin Vos
Robin Vos

How can you tell when Robin Vos is lying? His lips move.

This is especially true when it comes to cannabis reform.

I wrote an article earlier this month entitled Wisconsin Politics Virtual Luncheon Should Address Marijuana Reform and included a sample topic/question for the interviewer(s) to address. In the case of Assembly Speaker Robin Vos we should ask about his inaction and the resolution to forbid Vos to claim he supports medical cannabis. But instead, the interviewer in main stream media does not address any of the failures of Vos to support medical cannabis, but instead offers up a slow ball question so Vos can easily claim he supports medical marijuana reform.

Jan 28 WisPolitics.com luncheon with Assembly Speaker Robin Vos: At the 3:38 mark, the interviewer asks a viewer input question to Vos. The question is will Vos support medical marijuana in the budget?

Vos replied: “Not in the budget. I think I have told people before I supported it. I have been as public as I can be and I think I am one of the first legislators in the capitol saying I am open to that idea.

Vos goes on to add “I am still trying to find a way to do it so that people accept the fact that we are not going to legalize recreational marijuana. I do not think we need more drugs in society, especially with the opioid crisis and the rest.

Vos closes out by stating “I will continue to be a supporter and hopefully at some point we can actually make it happen.

So in this short segment of the interview about 30 seconds long, we witness Robin Vos claim he was one of the first legislators to support medical marijuana? WTF is this guy smoking because that is just a out right lie. Also in today’s world, medical marijuana means patients and caregivers growing and smoking cannabis and “support” of a legislator means author, sponsor or co-sponsor of legislation.

Vos has offered about as much help in legalizing marijuana since elected as he gave in this interview, lip service and lies. If Vos has not figured out the slippery slope theory of medical leading to recreational is null and void in Wisconsin he is stupid. Unless he means that since Wisconsin can only legalize recreational marijuana legislatively, in theory, it could happen. So his words “accept the fact that we are not going to legalize recreational marijuana” as a precursor to him finding a way to get medical into play is really just another way of saying NO.

I mean, Vos can never guarantee Wisconsin is not going to legalize recreational, so it really means he has no intention of allowing any cannabis reform on his watch………..

Assembly Representative Robin Vos is manipulating the democratic process and misleading the voters of Wisconsin by continuing to say he “supports medical marijuana”. After serving 15 years in the legislature, Republican Robin Vos has not really moved on his stance. He must not have been entertained enough because he did not even co-sponsor the Republican bill to create a medical marijuana program for Wisconsin, nor did he allow the bill to advance through to a public hearing, calling the potential hearing a “circus”.

The 2019-20 Republican Assembly Bill to create a medical marijuana program did not allow home growing of cannabis or marijuana smoking products. Vetted and supported by the Republican Caucus, if Assembly Rep. Robin Vos was a leader he would have supported this measure. If Robin Vos cared about the sick, dying and disabled in Wisconsin that benefit from medical marijuana, he would have done more than insist to the main stream media that “no one can say he does not support medicinal marijuana.

We need to send a clear message to Robin Vos that lip service is not enough!

Resolution No. 420-710-365



WHEREAS, Existing (Wisconsin and federal) law criminalizes the use of cannabis; and

WHEREAS, As of December 2020, the use of cannabis for medical purposes is legal in 35 states; and

WHEREAS, While there is a dearth of rigorous peer-reviewed studies (clinical trials), the relative benefits and risks of medial cannabis are believed to be reasonably well understood; and

WHEREAS, The essence of medical marijuana laws are the rights for patients and caregivers to grow their own medicine; and

WHEREAS, The smoking of medical marijuana is an essential, affordable and effective delivery method for those patients who choose to use cannabis medicinally; and

WHEREAS, Repeatedly saying to main stream media that “you support medical marijuana” and taking no action on issue is lying and not the character needed in our elected leaders; and

WHEREAS, Not authoring or co-sponsoring legislation on an issue that an elected official claims to support does not show the sign of a true leader; and

WHEREAS, Calling a potential Public Hearing on the issue of medical marijuana reform a “circus” when your party controls the committee(s) and both houses does not show respect for the rules, ethics and procedures elected officials took an oath to uphold.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the undersigned citizens of Wisconsin hereby express their support in forbidding State Assembly Representative Robin Vos from saying he supports medical cannabis until he signs on as a co-sponsor of medical cannabis legislation.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the undersigned citizens of Wisconsin hereby expresses their support for Wisconsin taking steps towards cannabis legalization for medical purposes.

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