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Wisconsin Justice Initiative Releases 2021 Pot Page

WJI – Wisconsin Justice Initiative

The mission of the Wisconsin Justice Initiative is to advocate for progressive change in the Wisconsin justice system by educating the public about its real-life impacts and partnering with other organizations to achieve more just outcomes. According to their website, marijuana reform is one of the organizations top priorities.

I have been following and sharing the information and statistics this organization has been producing. I first became familiar with the “Pot Page” when they reviewed the 2016 arrest information for Milwaukee County. Since then, “The Pot Page” has covered many aspects and provided a variety of statistics on marijuana reform over the years. A simple search on their blog yields pages of search results with articles they have produced.

One of the most used pieces for me was the 2019 Pot Page. The analysis included cannabis cases filed in each of the state’s 72 counties. The analysis also shows that the filing rate of criminal cases varies widely across the state. In Waushara County, for example, one cannabis case was filed for every 120 county residents, the highest rate in the state; in Dane County, one case was filed for every 4,339 residents, the lowest filing rate statewide. The 2019 Pot Page also had some in depth articles and visuals in a blog article entitled: The Pot Page: Where The Busts Are

The 2021 Pot Page is sure to draw some attention also. They documented and graphed a decade’s worth of possession convictions and charted them out county by county. I am certainly looking forward to additional analysis of this data by the professionals at The Wisconsin Justice Initiative.

Please feel free to share this data with your elected officials and keep the cannabis conversation going in our state legislature.

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  1. I wish this would be legal already. It helps me I lost my sister in 2012 and 8 months later I lost my 17 year old daughter and her boyfriend in a car accident jan 25,2013 I also almost dies they gave me alot of options but thankfully I was allergic to them and I have alot of allergies to medications all I did was smoked
    In 2013 I watched my grandmother die in our hpuse on hospice and 5 months later my nephew took his own life. In Dec of 2013 I watched my father die. My fiance left said I changed I still had 3 kids I had to take care of without wanting to end my life and be the mother sister aunt and friend I was suppose to be I could I cooked cleaned laughed made sure my kids were taken care of we lived I a very small town my fiance and I got back together the coos raided our home took my weed took me to jail and I was looking into moving away from everything I know my family my friends my life has always been wisconsin I now have sever anxiety depression bipolar and ptsd. I don’t know how many times I wanted to end my life but then I would smoke I could deal with everything that I needed to. I had even acted acted garden got some ponies I still smoke but I am very scared and I only get from 1 person I don’t trust anyone I don’t wanna die anymore this makes me be where I am suppose to be.

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