Badger Bounceback Session for Marijuana reform on April 14, 2021

Governor Tony Evers
Governor Tony Evers

Back in November 2020 I wrote an article digesting who was appointed to the 2021-22 Joint Finance Committee. As we know, Governor Evers proposed decriminalization and medical marijuana in his first budget proposal, which was gutted out by the Joint Finance Committee Members. Republicans followed up by having a misleading question on their own 2019 spring surveys directed at their voting base , which still ended up showing support for marijuana reform. The GOP Committee killed all cannabis bills, even their own and this session might be the same as Republican Leadership is vocal on the issue.

Back to keeping bud in the budget, again….. As this time Governor Evers proposed the whole thing, adult use and medical marijuana combo bill. On April 14th, 2021, you can learn more about this proposal during a live session.

The Badger Bounceback Live Session on Justice Reform & Marijuana Legalization will cover topics such as addressing racial disparities in our justice system, legalizing medical and recreational marijuana, investing in treatment, rehabilitation, and other alternatives to incarceration, and programming to support safe community reentry.

Here is the link: https://evers.wi.gov/Documents/BouncebackLS_JusticeReform.pdf to the pdf document that provides an overview of the program and here is the link: https://evers.wi.gov/Pages/BudgetListeningSessions.aspx to Register and Watch the live session.

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