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Special Election in Assembly District 37 requires a special strategy

Look at the crowded field in the Republican primary already set to go in the Assembly District 37 Special Election. Democrats have no challenger yet in this gerrymandered district that leans red to begin with, so it will be a few votes in the primary that takes the cake and gets to job most likely.

The 2020 Election saw the Republican with 56% and the Democrat got 40.9% and a third party picked up 3% of the vote.

What if the Democrats did not run a candidate on the ticket and instead put one of their own on the Republican primary ticket also and get all democrats to vote in the Republican primary to take them out before they start?

In 2012 when the the Assembly District 37 last saw a GOP primary, 5 candidates competed for roughly 6,500 votes in the primary. Numbers to think about. In 2018 that district saw 4,800 primary votes in the the Republican category and 4,125 in the 2020 election, with or challenger to the incumbent. Voter turnout is always higher when there is a competitive primary. Will the special election see more or less total votes in the GOP primary?

This special election may also see Spencer Zimmerman back as a third party conservative Trump party candidate. He just ran under that same affiliation in the special election for the former Fitzgerald Senate District and received nearly 5% of the vote, so some votes will go his way also on the final ticket, but it does not seem he will run as a Republican and play in the primary.

Does anyone know any of these Republican Primary candidates? 

Gov. Tony Evers today called a July 13 special election for the 37th AD that Republican John Jagler left vacant after he won a special election for the 13th SD earlier this month.

The primary will be June 15, and a crowded GOP field already forming for the district Donald Trump won by more than 10 points in November.

Republicans who have announced plans to run for the seat so far include:

Dodge County Supervisor. Cathy Houchin;

Watertown School Board member Steve Kauffeld;

Nick Krueger, chief of staff for state Rep. Terry Katsma, R-Oostburg;

Jennifer Meinhardt, an associate professor at Maranatha Baptist University;

William Penterman, an aide to GOP state Rep. Ron Tusler;

Nathan Pollnow, an auctioneer.

Candidates have begun circulating nomination papers and face a May 18 deadline to file their signatures.

If a Wisconsin Cannabis Activist from the WI-CAN Network decides to run, now is the time to act!

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