Is Personal Bias the main Lobbying Force Against Marijuana Reform

As we learn more and more about our elected officials and their stance on marijuana reform, how they formulated their personal opinions about cannabis is important to understand.

The Wisconsin Cannabis Activist Network and other organizations can provide all the Fact Sheets they want to these people with personal bias, but that just may fall of deaf ears.

Medical Marijuana Hopes in 2017-18 crushed by Republicans, again

There is always the talk of lobbyists groups being the main reason cannabis is still illegal in Wisconsin. From big pharma, to big tobacco, to big alcohol, to big prisons, to big probation, to big school to prison pipelines, to big donors. Following the money and keeping an eye on who is lobbying Wisconsin elected officials can be done and is an on going job. If legislation is dead on arrival or sent to committees to die, many of these organizations against are so sure they have won because so many of our elected officials have personal bias towards cannabis, these lobbying forces do not need to spend money campaigning against a popular bill.

Wisconsin Republican organized opposition within the caucus seems to center around the National Marijuana Institute (https://www.thenmi.org/) and their reports from Colorado under the “High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas” along with misinformation from individual elected officials. Does information pounded at these elected officials year after year help reinforce personal bias?

Lack of education certainly needs to be taken into consideration. If ones personal bias prohibits them from being educated, we have a problem. If politicians cannot work towards the will of the people, we have a problem.

Cannabis conversations are happening every second of every day in Wisconsin and every once in a while, one of those cannabis conversations uncovers another personal biased politician in Wisconsin.

What do you think? Is personal bias the main reason for an elected officials stance against marijuana reform? Comment below and let me know what your opinion.

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