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Rep. Scott Allen (R) Hosts SMART Approach to Marijuana in WI

The 97th Assembly District includes portions of the City of Waukesha and the Towns of Waukesha, Genesee, and Mukwonago.

This Republican Assembly Representative from Waukesha has not co-sponsored any legislation on marijuana reform since hew was elected in 2014.  He did call for more “research” and took the time to circulate a letter among his co-workers in 2019. They (other Republicans who signed the letter) sent it on to Wisconsin Congressional and Federal elected officials.

Side note, the other Republicans that co-signed his letter are: Rep. Robert Brooks, Rep (Now Senator) Joan Ballweg, Rep. Dan Knodl, Rep. Cindi Duchow, Rep. Shae Sortwell, Rep, Ken Skowronski, Rep. Dave Murphy, Rep. James Edming, Rep. Ron Tusler, Rep Janel Brandtjen along with two now retired Reps. Nygren and Kulp.

Of those names above, only a few have signed onto medical marijuana or decriminalization legislation. Rep. Sortwell is leading the way in the Republican Caucus, but Rep Edming has co-sponsored the bi-partisan medical marijuana bill allowing home grows. Rep. Brooks joins Sortwell this session on decriminalization as a co-author… but back to Rep. Scott Allen

During 2019, the Assembly Republicans prefiled a bill for the 2020 legislative session to create a medical marijuana program in Wisconsin (Assembly Bill 750).  Despite 77% support for 2018 City of Waukesha Medical Marijuana Advisory Referendum, Rep. Scott Allen failed to co-sponsor a bill crafted by the Republican Caucus.

In March 2020 Republicans circulated a decriminalization bill for co-sponsorship which he failed to co-sponsor.

In 2021 and prior to the budget being announced, Republicans circulated a bill to decriminalize small amounts of personal marijuana possession. Who was absent on this bill again? You already know it was Rep. Scott Allen. (I will include that bill and action link to support it below).

Part of passing marijuana reform in any state is a series of compromises. As much as we would like to think a perfect bill is out there, the fact is that once marijuana starts, it takes up floor time again and again each session. Revisions and amendments will come, but getting the first step taken will be monumental in Wisconsin. If we follow the money, we can learn things. When it comes to the tax on marijuana, that is a big debate among state holder throughout Wisconsin. Legislators have their opinions also. On Rep. Scott Allen’s Official Facebook Page, he commented that he would like to see the tax from marijuana sales be directed towards prevention in the form of abstinence education.

Rep. Allen marijuana tax comment
Rep. Allen marijuana tax comment

Who is not missing when it comes to bringing a highly controversial marijuana reform organization into Wisconsin? Rep. Scott Allen!

He will host a Zoom meeting on Tuesday June 1st, 2021 at 12:00pm with Luke Niforatos, Executive Vice President of SMART Approaches to Marijuana. Link to register for the Zoom Event.

Rep Scott Allen hosts SMART Approach to Marijuana
Rep Scott Allen hosts SMART Approach to Marijuana Zoom Webinar

What do you think of SMART Approaches to Marijuana?

What do you think the proposed tax on marijuana should be used for?

What do you think of the Republican Decriminalization Bill?

Comment below and let me know!

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