Oppose Senate Bill 440 – Increased Penalties for Butane Hash Oil

For a full read up on the authors and co-sponsors of this bill, please read Jay’s Blog entitled Republicans mount attack against cannabis extracts.

The basics of this bill are an increase in penalty for manufacturing, sales and possession of butane hash oil (BHO).

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  1. Committee chair Sen. Van Wanggaard moved to recommend the bill for passage on October 14th. The Republican controlled Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety voted 5-2 in favor of this bill. The two Democrats voted no.

    In the Assembly committee discussion, Rep. Jesse James (R- Altoona) repeatedly compared butane hash oil and similar products to methamphetamine.

    The bill’s penalties, which mirror proposed legislation around fentanyl production and distribution, were crafted by the West Central Drug Task Force, comprised of law enforcement representatives from six counties stretching from the Mississippi River to the middle of Wisconsin.

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