Mequon Marijuana Meeting Sept 16th, 2021

Conversation on Cannabis legalization

Thu, Sep 16, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM at the Frank L. Weyenberg Library (Tolzman Conference Room) at 11345 N Cedarburg Rd, Mequon 53092

A 1 hour open discussion to meet and discuss marijuana legalization.

Collect signatures of support.

Confront Republican opposition and gain Republican allies is always on the agenda.

Answer questions related to effects of marijuana and/or cannabis reform related topics.

Learn about the active decriminalization bill and adult use / medical combo bill out right now that need our support.

Also learn about the bill(s) to oppose as Republicans mount an attack against BHO products and users.

Movement at the federal level can be discussed and it is election time in 2022 and candidates are already jumping on the cannabis bandwagon.

All politics are local, find out what you can do at the county and municipal (city, town or village) level to advance marijuana reform.

Interested in organizing and hosting a meeting like this in your county or city? Please do not hesitate to contact us or volunteer today!

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  1. The Mequon Mayor weighed in on the topic after recent contact about the issue. Mayor John Wirth published this on his website, Paid for by Friends of John Wirth:

    Marijuana in Mequon

    A Mequon resident is trying to convince local officials to eliminate or minimize fines for marijuana use and possession or even to decriminalize marijuana. He contacted me and subsequently has suggested that I am open to his position. I want to clarify what I said.

    I told the resident that marijuana is a state and federal issue and not a local issue. Therefore, like other issues that have no bearing on the operation of our community, I am not going to take a position. I do not believe local government should chime in on issues that have nothing to do with the proper role of local government.

    The resident suggested that there is a groundswell of support for his position and that there are (unnamed) aldermen who agree with him. I told him that any aldermen is free to propose a change. I did not, and do not, suggest that any alderman should do so.

    To be clear, I am certain that local government has no authority to decriminalize marijuana use or possession. State government defines crimes.

    Also to be clear, I would strenuously oppose any local proposal that would be inconsistent with state law. As I told the resident, state law requires the mayor to “take care that city ordinances and state laws are observed and enforced.”

    The City and its law enforcement officers should not treat people who violate marijuana laws differently than violators of other similar laws.

    The issue of medical marijuana use, or the use of marijuana generally, should be decided by our state government, not by city government. We should not have a patchwork of inconsistent local laws. I am not an elected state official; therefore, I am not going to take a public position on how the state should handle these issues. I am not going to get involved in an issue that would be so divisive when it is not the proper role of the City.

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