Prohibitionist Ben Cort is coming to Lodi, WI

Lodi hosts prevention prohibitionist Ben Cort – As legalization looms, the Republicans and coalition groups are taking this opportunity to zoom information into Wisconsin. Not every “industry expert” brought into Wisconsin by organizations concerned about marijuana legalization are friendly. The battle over information is just starting.

Lots of organizations concerned about youth prevention and use have been hosting zoom events and presentations. This is a perfect opportunity for our leaders in the those local communities to reach out to others using the links and Fact Sheets.

A local volunteer from the Lodi area recently contacted us and pointed out this event. It is being presented by The Lodi Community Action Team. According to The Lodi Community Action Team (LCAT) website: it “works to create an environment to prevent youth substance use through education, environmental prevention strategies and connections with caring adults. Through community, we work to empower youth to live a healthy lifestyle.”

LCAT brings Ben Cort to Wisconsin

Ben Cort
Ben Cort

Prevention Prohibitionist Ben Cort focuses on marijuana education and consulting. He is in the substance use disorder treatment field. Additionally, in 2012 Cort joined the opposition campaign for Amendment 64. This was the constitutional amendment that would ultimately allow for the commercialization of marijuana in Colorado.

The website for Cort also states that Ben has remained active in the discussion around marijuana. Additionally, he claims to have assisted several states in their efforts to hold back Big Marijuana.

The Wisconsin Cannabis Activist Volunteer had this to say:

This is happening in my community. Seems like a pretty one sided event. Could use some more like minded people speaking up against this prohibitionist.


Tune into Zoom on October 4, 2021 at 6pm to hear Colorado native and national speaker, Ben Cort, provide important information on cannabis in the 21st century.

If marijuana is legalized in Wisconsin, what could that mean for a city such as Lodi? Learn what parents, guardians and grandparents should know about today’s marijuana.

Join Lodi Community Action Team (LCAT) on October 4, 2021 at 6:00pm-7:30pm via Zoom:

Registration is NOT required for this virtual event! Just click the Zoom link above to join the event. See below for more details on the flyer.

Lodi, Wisconsin Event - 21st Century Cannabis
Lodi, Wisconsin Event – 21st Century Cannabis

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