Senator Wanggaard holds weed reform hostage

The last time we had a public hearing on marijuana reform in the in Wisconsin was back in 2009. We all know it is high time Wisconsin legalizes cannabis for responsible adults and we are sick of waiting. But to not even hold a public hearing on the bills seems cruel and unusual punishment.

Senator Wanggaard is holding cannabis reform hostage from even a public hearing! With 59% of Wisconsin polling positive for pot legalization and 83% polling as supportive of compassionate use of medical marijuana our collective voices must be heard.

Even partisan bills presented and vetted by his own Republican Caucus are before him and yet he has not scheduled a public hearing.

We are conducting a phone call blitz to his office and need your help! The “Call Committee Chair Senator Wanggaard” Facebook Event for this phone call blitz has also been created for your sharing pleasure.

Call Senator Wanggaard at (608) 266-1832

We need YOU to call Senator Wanggaard at (608) 266-1832. If you get the answering machine, leave the message with your full name and address.

These bills are stuck in committee and the entire state needs to put pressure on committee chairs to hold a public hearings. CALL TODAY!


I am calling today to ask Senator Wanggaard, as Chair of the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety, to hold a public hearing on Senate Bill 545 (Legalization) and Senate Bill 790 (Decriminalization).

It only takes 20 seconds and most likely you will just be leaving a message on an answering machine or with his staff. It is important that you say the bill numbers and leave your name and address when leaving a message.


If you cannot or do not want to call, please sign our petition we will be presenting the Senator and other Committee Members.

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