Congressman Tiffany blows smoke about cannabis reform

Early in 2019 then State Senator Tom Tiffany seemed to know his Republican colleagues in the Assembly were working in their caucus to put a medical marijuana bill together.


In December 2019, the Republicans prefiled a bill for the 2020 legislative session to create a medical marijuana program in Wisconsin (Assembly Bill 750/SB683).   AB 750 lead author was Rep. Mary Felzkowski (R-Irma) who is one of the three assembly districts in the 12th Senate District in which Tiffany was the Senator of.  Senator Tiffany did not co-sponsor this legislation (SB683) in the Senate.   He Failed!

Senator Tiffany won his seat in Congress in the 7th District in a special election to replace Duffy early in 2020, but the seat is up for election again in November 2020. Tiffany went on to beat Democrat Tricia Zunker int he general election by 90,000 votes.

Republican Ghouls Argue AGAINST Legal Weed As It Passes House was the feature of The Kyle Kulinski Show and guess who starred in it? Yep, Tom Tiffany, who managed to sneak a Cheech and Chong reference in his pulpit speech. Tiffany voted against The MORE Act (bill to repeal federal marijuana laws) while it was in the House Judiciary Committee and again voted NO for the second time as the legislation recently passed the House.

House Judiciary Committee

Paying attention to what your elected officials are doing in public will create opportunities for your individual activism. Ben Dryden, was joined by Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District Representative, Tom Tiffany, for this month’s episode of “Breakfast With Tiffany!” This month…. that means he will be back and we bet Ben will be also! NW WI Advocacy Coordinator Ben Seume had a chance to question Congressman Tom Tiffany on DrydenWire.com and here are the results:

Another Republican stating marijuana legalization is a states right issue and under the 10th Amendment Wisconsin has the right to do what they want. Republican Mike Gallagher basically said the same thing years ago. The excuse at our state level Republicans that they need federal government ok to move forward is by far a smoke screen and another stall tactic it seems.

A question we can answer is Tiffany a co-sponsor of the federal “Republican” bill presented as an alternative to the The MORE Act? The answer is NO, he is not.

We cannot find that he publicly or private supports the Republican bill HR-3105, so let’s ask him again.

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