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Democrat Primary August 9th 2022


Wisconsin Lt. Governor Race

Former State Assembly Rep. Sara Rodriguez co-sponsored the 2021-22 legislation to legalize marijuana in Wisconsin.

Also running is Peng Her from Madison.

Wisconsin Secretary of State

Incumbent Doug La Follette faces challenger Alexia Sabor of Madison.

Wisconsin US Senate

Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes is in the race, along with State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski. They seem to be the front runners as of July 28th, 2022 polling. We met with most of the candidates while we tabled at a Democrat Picnic / Candidate Meet and Greet in 2021. It was certainly nice to see such support for the issue of cannabis legalization from a group of candidates.

As Lt. Governor, Barnes made sure cannabis reform was a high priority; including it in Governor Evers budget. Barnes speaks about the importance of cannabis reform not only for our state, but also at the federal level. If elected, we can be sure the Mandela Barnes will make sure marijuana is a high priority. His campaign website features marijuana legalization as a campaign issue and well, let’s here what he has to say about cannabis legalization from the man himself:

Sarah Godlewski has this on her website under a campaign plank issue Racial Justice: Sarah will work to end mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenses, fight to pass the Equal Act, and support retroactive decriminalization and expungement of offenses stemming from drugs that have since been legalized. Sarah also supports the legalization of marijuana. 

Alex Lasry is very vocal about his support for legalization of marijuana at the state and federal level. (Lasry dropped out to the race in late July 2022)

Tom Nelson was in the race, but he was the lead Democrat in the Assembly back in 2009-2010 when the Democrats hand full control and a chance to pass medical marijuana. Nelson is an Outagamie County Executive and although some progress has been made locally, he does not stand out as a leader on cannabis reform. (Tom Nelson dropped out of the race in late July and endorsed Mandela Barnes)

Kou C. Lee from Hobart

Peter Peckarsky and his campaign told us they support legalization 100%.

Steven Olikara spoke with us and his support is known for legalization.

Darrell Williams from Milwaukee

Wisconsin Congressional District 3

Incumbent Ron Kind (D) retires and we see a four way race between the Democrats.

Brad Pfaff: current State Senator and co-sponsor of Wisconsin Legalization legislation. His campaign website is www.bradpfaff.com


Mark Neumann from La Crosse. Dr. Neumann has been supportive of cannabis reform and his official campaign website has legalization of marijuana as a main plank issue! End the War on Drugs: For too long, our country has taken a punitive approach to substance abuse disorder victims. Treating a health-related illness by punishment is grossly ineffective and simply wrong. For decades the American war on drugs has caused untold suffering for families and communities. It is time to stop this ill-conceived heritage of pain. While 100,000 people die from drug overdose annually, most people survive and recover from their addiction with time. We need to provide pathways to reduce harm and to help recovery for those who are ready to enter treatment. Locking people up is cruel treatment for suffering neighbors in our communities and it is not effective.

In Congress, I will support the decriminalization of drug possession, and will seek funding for harm reduction policies.

Legalize Recreational Marijuana: There is large public support for the legalization of recreational marijuana, and many states have already acted. Millions of lives have been ruined through criminal charges, convictions, and imprisonment because the federal government still refuses to move on this issue.

In Congress, I will support the full legalization of cannabis, push to expunge, and vacate all marijuana convictions, and support the reinvestment of revenue into communities hardest hit by the War on Drugs.



Deb Baldus McGrath from Menomonie. The main stream media covered a candidate forum in which McGrath is reported to support legalizing recreational marijuana. Her website for those who want to investigate her campaign further www.debmcgrathforcongress.com


Rebecca Cooke from Eau Claire has not responded to our request for more information and a google search has not produced an public comments on the issue.

The 3rd Congressional District represents much of western Wisconsin, including Eau Claire and Dunn County to the north, Portage County to the east, and Grant County to the south.


Incumbent: Dale Kooyenga (R) did not seek re-election. There are two Democrats filed to run:

Jessica Katzenmeyer of West Allis and Tom Palzewicz of Brookfield. Both candidates have ran in the past and supported legalization efforts.


Incumbent: David Steffen (R). Who will face Steffen in the general election?

Ashton Arndorfer from Green Bay and Derek Teague from Allouez battle it out as the Democrats in this primary race. Both candidates are proud to declare they support legalization of marijuana.


Incumbent: David Bowen leaves the seat open for the primary winner to get the job as no Republican filed to run in this race. The democrats are:

Darrin Madison from Milwaukee

Bryan L. Kennedy from Glendale


Incumbent: Don Vruwink retires and the primary battle is set:

Jenna Jacobsen from Oregon and Matt McIntyre of Edgerton as the Democrat challengers.


Incumbent: Mark Spreitzer (D) seeks a Senate seat and leaves this seat open.

Democrat Challengers:

Clinton Anderson from Beliot

Ben Dorscheid from Belleville


Incumbent: Gary Alan Hebl (D) does not seek re-election and it draws a crowd to this race, with five Democrat contenders in this primary race.

Andrew Hysell from Sun Prairie is a known cannabis activist.

Syed Abbas from Madison, Analiese Eicher from Sun Prairie, Melissa Ratcliff from Cottage Grove, Mike Jacobs from Sun Prairie.


Incumbent: Dianne H. Hesselbein does not seek re-election.

Democrats are:

Alex Joers from Middleton and Brad Votava from Madison.


Incumbent: Sondy Pope (D) announces she will not seek re-election and 5 Democrats will battle it out:

Dale Edward Paul Yurs from Belleville, Mike Bare from Verona, Chad Kemp from Verona, Anna Halverson from Verona, Doug Steinberg from Verona.


Mark Fritsche from Tomah

Jayne M. Swiggum from Gays Mills

Coming soon will be updates on current candidates! But you can help, if you know a candidate listed and their views on marijuana reform, contact us today!

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