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2022 Election Wisconsin State Assembly

How Do We Make Change in 2022
How Do We Make Change in 2022

The stages are set for the General Election on November 8th, 2022. We have documented below information about candidates feelings and actions about marijuana reform. We hope you find this information helpful when it comes time to vote. There are of course a few candidates with no response or stance unknown, we will update those if we can obtain their stance on cannabis. If you have more information you would like to add, please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below.

My Vote Wisconsin is a website designed to help you register to vote, find your polling place, vote absentee, view a sample ballot and so much more. If you are a first time voter or need more information, the www.MyVote.WI.gov can be a valuable resource.

Assembly District 1

A leader in 2017 on decriminalization and sponsoring both versions of medical marijuana bills, along with the high support he is showing to constituents, Rep. Kitchens received a high favorable rating as a Republican, but since that time Kitchens has been very quiet on the issue.

Roberta Thelen is a supporter of marijuana reform and has published letters to the editor about the subject.

Assembly District 2

He spoke about marijuana reform on the campaign trail in 2018.  He sponsored legislation his first session as a freshman Assembly Representative.  He is leading the way to common sense reform within the GOP.

Renee Gasch has been vocal about the need for cannabis reform and her support for the issue.

Assembly District 3

Elected in 2018, Tusler a Republican from Harrison did not sponsor any legislation on marijuana reform in 2019-2020.

But he earned some extra credit points in 2019 by actually calling a voter in his district back after they sent an email to them regarding AB 570, the medical marijuana bill with home grows and smoking allowed, adding onto the potential “YES” votes to this piece of legislation.

Assembly District 4

Would you support changing state law to legalize marijuana and/or cannabis products? If so, under what conditions? If not, why?

In the past, I supported the legalization of the cannabis derivative CBD oil.  CBD oil is non-addictive, marijuana-based product that provides proven relief to those suffering from chronic pain, seizures and related medical conditions. However, the topic of universal access to marijuana has been met with strong concerns and opposition from those who deal with this issue on a daily basis, namely those in our health care community, law enforcement officers and educators. Until there is a consensus from those on the front line of this issue in Wisconsin, I will not support this initiative. 

Derek Teague is vocal about his support for recreational marijuana and would be an future co-sponsor.

Assembly District 5

Joe told The Wisconsin Cannabis Activist Network that Wisconsin’s current laws are a gift to Illinois and Michigan, and now recently Minnesota.   We are losing tax dollars and are losing hard working people to the criminal justice system due to a substance legal in 3/4 of the states we border.

I support medical marijuana and would like to see more research to find areas where it would be helpful and in what areas it is not effective. I am a strong supporter of veterans and have looked into the benefits of medical marijuana on mental health conditions such as PTSD, insomnia, depression, and anxiety. I understand that there is a trend where marijuana is being substituted for other drugs which can allow for improvements in overall health. Medical professionals should have access to the tools they need to help their patients, marijuana is one of those tools. I am still researching the use of recreational marijuana. While I am a strong supporter of personal freedom, I want to carefully consider the issue because I do not want to introduce or support legislation that will cause harm.

Assembly District 6

In August 2022, he faced two primary challengers who both supported full legalization.

Initial reports indicate he does not support legalization.

Contacted – no response.

Assembly District 7

This Democrat Assembly Representative from Milwaukee has not co-sponsored any marijuana legislation in since elected in 2013.

In 2018 he did a candidate interview with WI EYE (18:20) in which he states that he would be in favor of legalization if the voters supported the upcoming referendum in the district and if there was a strong local control component to the bill and public health/safety was taken into consideration.  He indicated he would be voting YES to the referendum.

Rep. Dan Riemer is reported as supporting legalization by constituents in his district, but the Riemer is definitely not vocal about his stance.

Zachary Marshall told us that with alcohol and cigarettes being legal it makes sense that marijuana could be also for recreational purposes. Also, people in jail for minor marijuana offenses could have those sentences reevaluated.

Assembly District 8

She is a leading activist in Wisconsin on marijuana reform and continues that passion as an elected official.

Assembly District 9

This freshman assembly representative from Milwaukee has not co-sponsored any marijuana legislation her first term in office.  Elected in 2018, she does sit on the Assembly Committee on State Affairs assigned the medical marijuana bills.  In 2020-22, she did co-sponsor adult use recreational marijuana.

Contacted and waiting response.

Assembly District 10

The issue is a campaign priority for him: Legalize Marijuana and leverage revenue to fund public education and workforce development programs.

Assembly District 11

Dora Drake said her stance is that she supports legalizing adult use of marijuana because of revenue and a moral stand point and address social justice issues.

Assembly District 12

LaKeshia Meyers supported adult use marijuana with her co-sponsorship.

Canady did not respond.

Assembly District 13

Sarah is a vocal supporter of legalization.

He said he is a child of the 70’s and marijuana is a gateway drug.  He says he has mixed emotions about it.  He recognizes that many people are strongly against, but he is keeping his options open yet.  He does want or is in favor of getting the marijuana out of the hands of dealers.

Assembly District 14

Robyn Vining is a past co-sponsor of adult use legalization.

Candidate did not respond.   

Assembly District 15

Candidate did not respond. His campaign facebook page has not been updated in months and his campaign website states he is on the New Berlin City Council.

Assembly District 16

Kalan has not co-sponsored legislation on the matter but has giving public support for the issue of total legalization.

Assembly District 17

This first year assembly representative was very vocal about the need for marijuana reform and co-sponsored the adult use legislation.