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Many of our elected official seem to have personal bias regarding cannabis. There is been a lot of misinformation from individual elected officials. We aim to combat some of that misinformation on this page.

Wisconsin Republican opposition seems to center around the National Marijuana Institute (https://www.thenmi.org/) and their reports from Colorado under the “High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas” along with personal bias and misinformation from individual elected officials.

Senate President Chris Kapenga (R) says marijuana kills your kids.

Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu (R) says he fears the federal government scheduling conflict is reason not to act and also adds that he would like the FDA regulate it before Wisconsin legalizes.

Senator Duey Stroebel (R) called CBD “Snake Oil”, voted against industrial hemp legislation.

Senator Nass (R) – voted against industrial hemp legislation.

Assembly Majority Leader Robin Vos (R) says he will not allow medical marijuana to be legalized until there is no chance it will lead to recreational marijuana.

Assembly Rep. Barbara Dittrich (R) is a continued prohibitionist.

Joe Sanfelippo (R)

In past sessions medical marijuana bills died under the watch of Rep. Sanfelippo from New Berlin. As Chair of the Assembly Committee on Health, medical marijuana was not even allowed a public hearing under his watch. In the 2019-20 session, medical marijuana advocates had high hopes as medical marijuana reform was not directed to his committee. He obviously did not co-sponsor the Republican GOP medical marijuana bill (AB 683) and he continues to give public statements opposing any marijuana reform.

Position on Marijuana Legalization: As chair on the Assembly Committee on Health, Rep. Joe Sanfelippo issued this statement in February 2019 regarding Tony Evers’ decriminalization plan: “Governor Evers’s plan for decriminalizing and legalizing marijuana is both irresponsible and uninformed. This is a case of the Governor advancing his own agenda despite a large body of scientific research demonstrating real dangers associated with marijuana use. Contrary to the growing narrative that marijuana is harmless, the scientific and medical communities have raised genuine concerns about the risks that marijuana consumption poses to health and public safety.”

Position on Medical Marijuana: He does not believe there are benefits of medical marijuana. He was quoted in February 2019 saying, “There is no quantitative, definitive science and research that can prove the efficacy of marijuana for medical purposes.”

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