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We commonly get asked “What is a Cannabis Activist Team Member?”  Simply stated, they are individuals acting locally and reporting regionally.  Cannabis Activists put the act in activism in a variety of ways.

Cannabis Activists donate time, services and money to the cause.  Just like cannabis consumers and reform supporters, each Cannabis Activist is unique.  But to give some examples, we:

  • Participate in letter writing campaigns.
  • Find business and retail locations where we can display our cards, brochures and donation boxes. And also make sure these materials are always present!
  • Monitor ongoing legislation at the local, state and federal level.
  • Engage with local, state and federal elected officials through email, phone, letter.
  • Attend town hall meetings & listening sessions when your elected officials come to the local area. (HINT: There are many elected officials: on the state level there are 33 Senators and 99 Representatives. Sometimes their meetings the coincide with each other.  The key is to pay attention and research when these opportunities are available, and then and act upon them!)
  • Find and research concerts, fairs and other public events where we WOULD BE ALLOWED to table or have a booth.
  • Assist with new member recruitment and help with fundraising.
  • Contribute content to our website.
  • Support our social media campaigns.
  • Help with networking and events.
  • Testify during public hearings at the state and local levels.
  • Participate during steering committee conversations.
  • Collect signatures of support.

We need your help.  There is so much work to be done and now is the time to do it.   Volunteer today!

If interested in becoming a Cannabis Activist Team Member, please send a letter of interest to WiscoCan@gmail.com

Thank you for your support!